U5 Blastball

BlastBall is the introductory division of Kemptville Wildcats. It was developed as a fun way to teach the fundamentals of baseball: batting, throwing, catching, fielding and running. Simplicity and continuous action is what makes Blastball so much fun. There are no complex rules, and no umpire is required.

BlastBall is played in the field with rubber bases.

Coed ages 3 and 4.

U7 T-Ball

T-Ball is the developmental division of Kemptville Wildcats. It will continue to teach the fundamentals of baseball: batting, throwing, catching, fielding and running. Score is not kept and rules are designed to maximize participation. Everyone hits, no one sits!

T-Ball is played on a diamond and players will use a stationary batting stand.

Children who have not turned 4 years of age as of May 1st, should be enrolled in Blastball. 

Coed ages 4 to 6.

U10 Coach Pitch

Coach Pitch is the division of Kemptville Wildcats that is intended to be a logical transition from T-Ball to player-pitch baseball or softball. Players further develop the skills of batting, fielding and base running in this minimally competitive league while learning the rules that closely resemble those of baseball or softball. Players are taught to bat at a ball that is safely pitched to them by their own coach. Emphasis is always placed on having fun, player safety, and sportsmanship!

Coed ages 7 to 9.

Older players may want to consider Softball at the U11 level.


All Smallball games/practices are at Riverside Park in Kemptville or at South Gower Park. See the Fields page for maps to each of the fields.

U5 Blastball, U7 T-Ball and U10 Coach Pitch will each be scheduled on a specific day of the week at Riverside Park or South Gower Park running from early May to mid July.

Schedules are not available until the start of each season as this is based on diamond availability which is managed by the Municipality of North Grenville. Unfortunately, this means the specific day(s) of the week and time(s) may change each year.


Required Equipment

Optional Equipment