Kemptville Wildcats use Spond Club for managing members and all program registrations.

What is Spond?

Spond (and more specifically the backend solution called Spond Club) allows the Kemptville Wildcats to manage our programs, players (and their parent(s)/guardian(s)), email communications and payment processing for program fees. In addition, once the season gets started, each team will have it's own Spond Group to help with team communication,  events and attendance.

If you've used something like TeamSnap, you will be familiar with what Spond offers to the player (and their parent/guardian).

There are Spond apps available for both iPhone and Android and these are highly recommended for interacting with a Spond Group. Spond Groups can also work by sending information/notifications via text messages (SMS) and emails.

Checkout Spond's website for more information on the solution.

Membership in Kemptville Wildcats Spond Club

Kemptville Wildcats started using Spond Club in 2023 and every child who is registered for and pays for a program offered by the Kemptville Wildcats becomes a member of the club. Members will get directly notified when registration opens for the next year as well as any other programs that may be offered. Don't worry if you forget your password before the next year, Spond can send it to your registered email address.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spond

How do I access Spond?

We recommend using the Spond apps available for iPhone and Android. You can also login to the Spond website. Remember to use the same email address as when you registered.

What is my password for Spond?

If you're asking, you probably don't have one (yet)! 

During the registration process for non-members, we recommend that you use the "one-time password" option to make things easier. If you want to login to Spond later, just click on the Forgot Password link on the Spond website, provide the email address you used to register with Kemptville Wildcats, and it will send you a link to login and set a new password.

What is the difference between a Member and a Parent/Guardian in Spond?

Members in Spond are (primarily) the kids who have been registered for our programs. A Parent/Guardian in Spond is the adult associated with a Member. 

Now for the slightly confusing part - when you (Parent/Guardian) register your child to be a Member, the account created in Spond is for you, the Parent/Guardian but, your child is the Member that gets created. Basically, the Member is who gets added to groups/teams and the Parent/Guardian pays the bills. ;)

If you register more than one child, each become Members and you as the Parent/Guardian can see everything assocaited with each child.

A Parent/Guardian can also be a Member but this is primarily for people who have volunteered for roles (Coach, Team Manager) that require them to use more Spond functionality (event creation, etc).

How can my child also access Spond on their device?

If you provided your child's email address during registration, they would have received an email with a link to follow that allows them to get setup in Spond once they are a Member.

If you didn't provide an email during registration, you will need to contact us via info@kemptvillewildcats.ca and provide your child's name and email address. We will update their member profile and Spond will send an email with the link to follow. Unfortunately this isn't something a Parent/Guardian can do on their own (yet).

Can I add another Parent/Guardian?

Yes! Unfortunately, this is not self-service (yet) and does require sending an email to info@kemptvillewildcats.ca with the Member's name and the new Parent/Guardian's name and email address. We will update the member profile and Spond will send an email with the link to follow.

Both Parents/Guardians will be able to see and respond on behalf of their children in Spond.

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