Spond: Registration Process

Registration Process in Spond

Kemptville Wildcats currently use a two step registration process in Spond:

We do this to avoid the costs associated with administration and payment processing if there was not enough interest to field a team in a Softball level or enough interest to offer a suitable program in a Smallball level. Don't be surprised if the program you chose results in a $0.00 cost during the intial Registration. Please ensure you are aware of the Program Prices each year before registering.

Example of the Registration Flow

When you go to the Registration page, you will be able to select the program you want to register for near the bottom of the page similar to what is shown below:

Click through the prompts until you reach the following page:

If you have previously registered for a Kemptville Wildcats program, you can login with your Spond account. If not, select the option to "Request a one-time password". This will prompt for your email address and send you a code to login to Spond.

NOTE: Kemptville Wildcats started using Spond in 2023 so anyone registering in 2023 will need to select the Request one-time password option.

Once logged in you will be prompted to register a new person - pick "I'm a guardian, signing up a child" and click Add to Basket.

Then fill out the relevant information for the child you are registering and the Parent/Guardian information. 

NOTE: Spond can be picky about things like phone numbers. See the Helpful Tips section below for more info.

At the bottom of the page, click Add to Basket and you will be taken to the page where you can either "Add more registrations" or "Go to shopping basket". If you need to register more than one child, pick the "Add more registrations" option and it will go back to the main Course List where you can choose the approproate program for the next child. 

When you go to your Shopping Basket, you will be shown the courses you have registered for and the cost.

NOTE: Kemptville Wildcats do not take payments at registration if there is a risk that a program may not have enough kids. Don't be surprised if your total cost is $0.00. Once we have confirmed there are enough registrations, you will receive a request to complete payment through Spond. 

If it all looks good, you will need to agree to Spond's terms and click Send.

If you need to make changes, you can click on the "X" box to remove a course from your Shopping Basket and click the "Add more registrations" to redo your course selection/registration.

If payment is required, you will be prompted after you press Send. 

Helpful Tips when for Registering in Spond

This section will likely grow over time as the Kemptville Wildcats use Spond Club and Spond Groups. The intent is to provide some extra guidance on how to use Spond and deal with some common gotchas.


Spond uses the term Course. Kemptville Wildcats will often use the terms Program or Division but these are all equivalent. 

Child Contact Information

Kemptville Wildcats do not require your child's personal contact information. A reason to provide your child's personal contact information is to allow them to receive Spond Group notifications for team events once the season starts. Probably less useful for the Smallball kids but this can be handy for older kids so they can get notifications for games/events and manage their own attendance.

Phone Numbers

As Spond is an international app, note that all phone numbers must be prefixed with 1 (as if you're dialing a long distance number). Most of the parts of Spond that accept phone numbers should auto update but sometimes it will complain.


All dates should be entered in yyyy/mm/dd format. For example, January 31, 2023 would be 2023/01/31. Some of the date input boxes will randomly show a different "expected date format" than this. When in doubt, use the date picker.