Volunteer Opportunities

Kemptville Wildcats are a completely Volunteer run organization. Without Volunteers, we would not be able to offer programs for your children.

For adults, there are multple volunteer opportunities. Some examples are:

We also have volunteer opportunities for our high school aged Kemptvile Wildcats to use towards their graduation requirement. Some example are:

Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC)

Whether you are the head coach, an assistant coach, or just helping out every once in a while, all adults must complete a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC).

Kemptville and District Little League/Kemptville Wildcats policy is that all adult Volunteers shall have a valid VSC prior to the applicant being able to assume his/her duties of the current season. This is also a requirement for insurance purposes.

Obtain your Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC)

To obtain a Vulnerable Sector Check you will need to request a Kemptville Wildcats Volunteer Letter - send an email to info@kemptvillewildcats.ca with your full name.

Once you have your Volunteer Letter, there are two options (both should be no cost to you):

Option 1: Submit your request for a VSC online via the Ontario Provincial Police - Police Record Checks.


Option 2: Follow the steps below to submit in person at the Kemptville OPP detachment:

NOTE: If you live in the City of Ottawa, Vulnerable Sector Checks are handled by the Ottawa Police Service.

You will be required to provide your completed VSC to the Director of Softball (or designated Executive member) prior to being on the field and/or interacting with any players. Police Record Checks are stored securely for two years and then destroyed.

Information gathered for background checks and results are to be considered confidential, protected from public disclosure and not to be used for any purpose beyond determining volunteering eligibility


Q. If I have a record does that mean I can’t volunteer?

A. No, only persons found to have committed a crime against a minor are prohibited.

Any volunteer with or without a criminal record is subject to Executive discretion and applying for a position does not guarantee placement.

Q. But everyone knows me, why do I have to get one?

A. Because there are no exceptions. No VSC, No Official Roster, No Insurance, No stepping on the field.